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February 2


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The Kingdom sadly moved along daily, after the disappearance of the youngest Princess and the rather sudden deaths of the King and Queen.
The castle remained as clean as ever but the remaining Princess and Prince couldn't hide their sadness.

This day was different.

No one noticed three forms creeping along the castle walls.
One form peeked out after a guard had walked by on the grounds below.

His short blond hair being blown in the the breeze.
Blue eyes staring out.

"Wow, would you look at that view." he said.
"oi Jones. Focus on zhe task at hand." hissed one of the others behind him.

The Beilschmidt brothers, Gilbert and Ludwig were some of the best thieves out there.
Next to Al Jones however.
Al Jones was a bit reckless but he was pretty smart and often used his good looks to get out of many of his crimes.
But he was still a wanted criminal.

"One sec."
Al stared out a minute longer before turning back to the Brother pair.
"I want a castle."
Ludwig Beilschmidt sighed loudly while Gilbert Beilschmidt snickered to himself.
"Get zhis job done und you can buy your own castle. Now get in zhere." Gilbert said, grabbing Al by the back of his jacket.
"Odd...zhere aren't any guards around the crown." Ludwig pointed out.
"Oh please, Vest. Much easier pickings for us zhen." Gilbert said.

Al was being lowered by the two brothers by rope into the massive room right beside the crown.

It was a small crown of a silver color, a dark violet colored gem embedded in the center.
This was the crown of the missing Princess.
If she were to ever return, her name would be, "Princess Natalia"

But even then, it had still been eighteen years.

As Al reached for the crown, he froze up with the sudden tapping noise from behind him.
He turned to look over his shoulder before freezing up.
"What do we have here?" came the voice of Prince Ivan who sat in one of the thrones, tapping his finger on the arm. "A little rat, da?"
Prince Ivan may have been lonely but he was a force to be reckoned with, especially if it involved someone attempting to steal the last little bit of his baby sister that he had left.
He was the last one to see the infant Princess as she was stolen in the dead of night.

Ivan wore a light tan, long sleeve shirt with black slacks and dark leather boots.
A long but worn gray scarf wrapped around his neck.
Al Jones shook while in the gaze of Ivan's dark violet eyes.
Without warning, Al grabbed the crown and tugged on the rope.

"Pull me up guys! We have company!" Al yelled.
Before Prince Ivan could even get to his feet, Al was pulled up back to the roof top.
"Its zhat Ivan guy!" Gilbert yelled as he yanked Al back onto the roof.
"Ve better run!" Ludwig shouted.

Prince Ivan sighed, watching as the three thieves disappear from sight.
"When do they ever learn?" he hummed to himself as he knew that the Castle guards had already been alerted to the thieves and would be pursuing them shortly.
He'd get his baby Sister's crown back as they would fail just as all the others.

"Little Brother!" came a yell.
"Hm?" Ivan hummed, glancing up.
A woman stopped in front of him.

She had short, fair hair like Ivan but with much lighter blue eyes compared to Ivan's dark violet pair.
She wore a long sleeve blue dress with a high collar, the dress itself which fell to the floor.
This was Katyusha, Ivan's older sister, she often worried about her brother greatly as he was the only one that she had left and the same went for Ivan.
"I heard something-?"
"Everything is perfectly fine. Just some troublesome rats again."
Ivan nodded deep in his own thoughts.
"Hm?" Ivan hummed glancing up at his older sister.
"...I know we promised after Mother and Father died but..."
"What happened now?" Ivan asked with a loud sigh.
"One of the heads of the court recently came up to me. They need me to marry this year..."
"What?!" Ivan yelled, sitting up in his chair. "We both told them that we refused to marry until she's been found!"
"I know! I know!" Katyusha yelped. "But they told me that this is the last year. Its been eighteen years, Ivan....and you and I both know that the Kingdom needs a King...not a Princess and Prince sibling pair."
Ivan sighed lowering his head.
"Can we still-?"
"Yes we can still release the lanterns this year but that is it."
Ivan cursed under his breath, yelping slightly when Katyusha lightly slapped the back of his head.
"Language, Ivan."

"Damn Damn Damn!" Ludwig shouted, glancing over his shoulder at the pursuing guards.
"How'd they even catch up?!" Al yelled.
"I don't care! I'm too awesome to be arrested!" Gilbert shouted.
"This way!" Al shouted running down a path blocked on both sides by the walls of earth, the sounds of the castle guards could be heard straight behind the trio of thieves.
"Shit!" Gilbert hissed, sliding to a halt and staring up at the top of the dead end.
"Lift me up guys and I'll pull you both up." Al suggested.
The two brothers glanced at each other before Gilbert complied, hiking Al upwards onto the higher area.
Al got to his own feet glancing about.

"Hey!" Gilbert yelled, "Help us up!"
"Hm?" Al hummed giving a glance over his shoulder.
"You heard me, Al! Now help us up!" Gilbert repeated.
"Oh sorry..." Al said, holding up an old worn down bag with a strap...the same one that Gilbert had been wearing and the same one that held the item that they had just stolen. "I've got other things to do. Thanks for the help though."
Al Jones ran from sight, ignoring the screams from the two brothers.
He didn't get far before another of the guards was pursuing him.

Al made several sharp turns before ducking into a cave-area.
Al turned his head seeing light flooding through the opposite end of the cave.
Thinking  that he had a clear escape, Al quickly made his way through the cave which he now mentally noted that it looked as though it had been carved out by hand.

He made his way to the other end of the cave before shielding his eyes from the sudden sunshine.
He peeked out, before his blue eyes widened.

There was a large dark-colored stone tower with a single open window at the top.
It looked worn down by the elements.
Al heard the sounds of the guards echoing through the cave and had no other choice but to hide out in this abandoned tower.

Al made a dash for the tower and began his long climb up to the window before climbing inside.
Al stopped to catch his breath, opening the bag held tightly in his hands.

The crown was still sparkling.

Al was about to stop to admire it close in hand when he felt something smash into his back sending him tumbling forward.
His back and head hurt badly and his vision was starting to fade here and there.
He could distinctively hear the sound of a woman talking from over him and the sounds of a cat meowing.
"See Roshiko? I told you and Mama Sophie that I could handle myself."
Al could see pair of bare feet pace by his head and pick up the bag which had skidded off to the side.
"What do we have here?" asked the voice who then searched through the worn bag.

Al never was able to see whoever this woman was as his vision blacked out.
Next; TBA

And here we are, the first official start to the Tangled/Hetalia fic.

Allow me to introduce the characters;

Character Shown
America as Al Jones the Thief
Germany and Prussia as the Beilschmidt Brothers Gilbert and Ludwig
Russia as the lonely Prince Ivan
Ukraine as the sisterly Princess Katyusha
Belarus as ???
Nekotalia Fem!Russia as Roshiko
And Mama Sophie is Fem!Austria

And the main pairing is AmericaXBelarus (sorry its the only pairing I support with my home country)
Other Pairings will be named shortly.

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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( A fellow AmeBel shipper? *silently cheers* )

Ah....this chapter brings back all the memories of watching that movie. I'll be looking forward to Belarus threatening America with her knife. :D
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