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December 24, 2013


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Let me tell you a story, its of how I had almost died.
Oh please, don't give me that look.
Let me get to the real story here;

A long time ago, a strange occurrence happened where the heavens gave a gift of healing to humans.
Until an older woman found the gift, in the form of a sunflower- and decided to keep it for herself to make herself young forever all by singing a single tune to it.

Over the years, a kingdom sprang up in the nearby area and it soon grew into a rather popular shipping harbor amongst those in the neighboring kingdoms.
The King and Queen of this kingdom were quite beloved by their people, as were their two children.
The eldest, Princess Katyusha who was a very timid but caring Princess and the youngest, Prince Ivan who was very kind but at the same time, very lonely.
The Queen was expecting a third child, but she became very ill.
Prince Ivan was worried and had gone off on his own into the forest to pick herbs for his Mother when he startled the older woman, Sophie who hid in the shadows as she watched the young Prince.
But she had forgotten to hide the flower.
Prince Ivan had found the flower and took it along with him.
Upon returning to the castle with his new flower in hand, he came across the yells of his Mother who had gone into early labor.
Ivan had gripped the flower in his hands and begged with all his might for something, for anything to save his Mother and his newborn sibling when he had unlocked the flower's abilities which had drained the flower's existing form and healed the Queen.

But this had unknowingly given this strange healing gift to the baby girl which the Queen had been carrying.
The girl had been named Natalia.

But as the family was famous for their rather fair hair, the newborn Princess' rather long blond hair had not been noticed that easily.

Ivan had adored his newborn sister and had been the one to suggest lighting lanterns in celebration of her birth.
And thus the kingdom did so.
It would mark the happy years ahead of the three heirs to the crown.

But one night, that happiness ended.
The Woman, Sophie realized that the hair of the new Princess was linked with the flower which had gave her immortal life, without it, she'd fade away.
So she snuck into the castle to steal even a lock of the young girl's hair but quickly discovered that once the hair was cut, it lost its magical abilities.
Enraged by this, she kidnapped the child in front of Ivan who had come into the room to watch his baby sister sleep.
Ivan, despite being frightened still did the best he could to stop Sophie from taking his sister but all his work was for nothing as Sophie faded into the night with the baby Princess on hand.

Afterwords, the Queen fell into despair over her missing baby and died, the King following shortly after of a broken heart.
This left Princess Katyusha and Prince Ivan as the only ones left of the formerly happy family.
They both refused to marry until the Princess was found as they both refused to believe that she was gone forever.

They continued the event of releasing lanterns on Princess Natalia's birthday-
In hopes that one day, their happy family would be reunited.
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Oh hey everyone, oh yes this is my first Tangled/Hetalia series and I decided to go against the usual making Hungary as Rapunzel.

Yes, Belarus is the main character of this story.
But as for the second main character, there is only one person I ship with Belarus; America.

I was having trouble deciding between SebWy (SeborgaXWy) or AmeBel (AmericaXBelarus) for this story, so I went to Tumblr to speak with my friend, Biology-of-Pencils (So that no one on dA could know about this) and she chose AmeBel and so it shall be.

Its high time there were more AmeBel-related things in the Hetalia fandom, lately we've been getting a lot of shit and its been pissing me off.

Anyway, expect Part 1 sometime later.

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © MapleBeer-Shipper
LotusDragonof5000 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
Hmm...... This story seems interesting... I like it!
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